What people are saying

“Really outstanding. Good scholarship. Informative and attention-getting graphics. A very impressive, thorough presentation of the body of knowledge we now have about stress and coping adapted to a wide audience beyond the profession. The Stress Tank paradigm communicates powerfully about the reality of the stress process. Emphasizes preventing distress which is always preferred to rectifying a problem or breakdown after it occurs.”

James Campbell Quick, PhD - Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of Texas at Arlington, Author of Preventative Stress Management in Organizations, American Psychological Association

“I’ve worked for 36 years in the mental health field and have been involved in several stress coping seminars. This one is as good as it gets.”

Gerald Berden Abbotsford, B.C, Canada

“This seminar came at a time of great stress in my life and has given me solid, easy to use tools to help me handle stress in all aspects of my life. I’ve been able to use the information I’ve learned right away, and it’s helped me so much!”

Cynthia Sloan, Chicago, IL

“The best thought out, best organized, best researched and best documented program on stress I have ever encountered. It has helped me understand and change the way I view stressors in my life.”

C. Burton Keppler - Retired M.D. Anesthesiologist, Hendersonville, NC

“This seminar is amazing, renewing, and life-changing. I started this seminar so stressed out that my health was suffering under the load. From the first day of the seminar, I felt there was hope and a way out. After completing the seminar, I felt like a new person with new perspectives. It gave me new tools to deal with my stress. I take away a new beginning and want to share this with all of my friends.”

Cenaida Panneflek - Chief Financial Officer, Curacao, Netherlands, Antilles

“This stress seminar has helped me tremendously, far beyond my expectations. The scientific presentations were adapted to laymen like me.”

Keithroy George - Auto Technician, Antigua West Indies

“Participants in the Stress: Beyond Coping seminar should be ready for a life changing experience. It’s the best seminar I have seen for helping people gain the vital skills they need to know in order to cope with the stresses they face in their daily lives. We’ve used it successfully at our medical center and community.”

John Westerdahl - Director of Health Promotion and Nutritional Services, Castle Medical Center, Kailua, Hawaii

“I now have some ideas to give me optimism. I realize I already use some of the points in the seminar and this gives me hope. Now I also have new methods to help me, and feel I have more chance of being in control. I have much to be grateful for.”

Kerry Young - Advanced multiple sclerosis patient, Queensland, Australia

“The Stress: Beyond Coping seminar has changed the way I view life. My life will be better lived and enjoyed because of my participation. Thank you!”

Ellen Rasbach - Wife and Homemaker, Stevensville, MI

“I walked into this class shackled and burdened, feeling stressed, resentful and unable to enjoy the positive things in my life. I walked away feeling free and healed.”

April Phillips - Mental Health Social Worker, AL

“The Stress: Beyond Coping seminar has been extremely eye opening and valuable, with an immediate and noticeable improvement in my stress reduction. It’s not only been great for my own personal life, but I have been able to see so many applications to my profession as a R. N. I strongly recommend this seminar for anyone interested in improving their ability to manage their stress.”

Kris Kopitas, Creston, Ill

“As a physician I became used to the idea that we were the product of our body chemicals, i.e., the quick mood medicine prescription. This enjoyable seminar taught me we could be the master of our chemicals, the captain of our souls.”

Edwin Ford, M.D., San Bernardino, CA

“Stress: Beyond Copy is the finest material I have encountered to help people understand the sources of their stress. Its focus on personality, emotions, and spirituality gives participants a solid foundation for coping creatively with their stressors and their lives.”

Donna Habenicht, Ed.D. - Professor Emeritus, School of Education, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI

“Before attending this seminar I felt like I was trying to climb a sheer cliff with just small foot holes. Now I have a rope. I’m still learning how to climb that rope, but I know I’m going to get to the top of the cliff. It’s no longer hopeless. Thank you.”

Narelle Soole, Queensland, Australia

“The Stress: Beyond Coping seminar is a wonderfully organized and richly rewarding compilation of answers to the stress of modern life. With wit and wisdom, it captures the essence of what is known about stress management in a clear, motivating and memorable way, while leading us far beyond coping and into the frontiers of wellness.”

Ronald G. Nathan, Ph.D. - Co-author of The Doctor’s Guide to Instant Stress Relief, Albany, NY

“Excellent training program for lay people and professionals. This program will change lives! The lives of the trainer and the lives of the participants that come will gain powerful tools that work.”

Evelyn Cole Kissinger - Health Educator, St. Joseph, MI

“I felt a measurable decrease in my stress level after attending the first part of this seminar. I plan to continue with the techniques and change in mental perspective to continue to reduce my stress.”

Jackie McCague, St. Charles, Ill

“The organization and presentation of these materials was exciting and inspiring. Any portion can be used in dealing more effectively with today’s quickly changing world. The gentle move toward spiritual awareness was an added bonus.”

Rachel Cormier - Mental Health Counselor, Surrey, B.C., Canada

“This seminar has been so much more in every way than I expected. I have already started putting these methods and insights to use.”

Nina Bessent - Retired Medical Administrator, Crestline, CA

“Stress: Beyond Coping has been a life-changing course for me. I took it as a potential trainer myself, feeling that my life was stress-free already. But taking having gone through this training, my life is even better!”

Larry R. Wright - Retired Teacher, Las Vegas, NV

“I highly recommend this program to all who desire to make meaningful change in the way they react to stress. I especially benefitted from learning about the top level keys, the “power components,” of stress management. I now have more tools to do a better job.”

Jim Panozzo - Production Planner–Whirlpool, Stevensville, MI

“A tremendous wealth of information. Professionally illustrated. Impressive quality. Profound and practical.”

S. Balcazar, M.D. - Psychiatrist, Pembroke Pines, FL

“This seminar gave me great resources to deal with stress.”

Charles Francis - Physician, Brooklyn, NY

“This seminar has changed my perspective on life and my career.”

Lionel Pascall - Hospital Administrator, W. Orange, NJ

“This stress seminar has improved the quality of my life and has made an indelible impact on my view of ministry. Every minister should take and conduct this seminar.”

Jeffery Thompson - Conference President, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

“What a ‘payload’ of information that I can use in my personal life—be able to apply principles to heal myself—and then be able to share with others.”

Dorothy Bennett - Medical Technologist, Memphis, TN

“This seminar is based on scientific facts as well as profound, valid spiritual values, and should be applicable in all cultural and social environments.”

Daniel Duffis - President, Netherlands Antilles & Aruba Conference, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

“This seminar has given me new tools for coping with old stressors and hopefully will help me move out of what I have considered a stress rut.”

Debbie Wagers-Jackson - Chaplain, Manchester, KY

“This seminar has given me a wonderful tool to enrich my personal life. I’m going to be a better wife and mother and daughter and friend.”

Nora C. Ricono - Massage Therapy Supervisor, VA

“This seminar has been ‘so much more than a stress seminar.’ It has been an inspirational reawakening in my personal life.”

Andre Yanlteerden - Pastor/Lifestyle Counselor, Big Pinekey, FL

“Just a few weeks prior to this seminar I had experienced a devastating illness and death in my family. Now I believe I have the tools to deal with the stress involved.”

V. Payne - Social Worker, Orlando, FL

“I am confident that the information presented in this seminar has saved my life. I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from the Stress: Beyond Coping seminar.”

Rae-Leigh Ferris, BSW - Consultant, Alberta, Canada

“This has been the most comprehensive training on stress management I have ever experienced. It contains materials which can be applied for follow up training in ‘Conflict Management,’ ‘Family Life,’ and ‘Communications,’ among others.”

Lemuel Brady - Health Ministries Director, West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Montego Bay, Jamaica

“I have attended stress management courses at my workplace. Attending Stress: Beyond Coping presented by Skip MacCarty has had a greater affect on my understanding of dealing with stress. A major impact on me has been realizing how spiritual resources can help relieve my stress and how the Serenity Prayer can be applied for quick evaluation of stress. Also, applying Stress-Reducing Beliefs as a methodology helped me immediately.”

Frank Sanchez - Engineering Manager, Savannah, GA