Welcome to a most comprehensive and powerful resource for learning how to manage stress. The ultimate goal of this eLearning series is to train you how to convert negative stress into positive stress, harmful stress into healthy stress. This means that you will learn how to become a “Level 3 Stress Manager,” the most advanced level of stress management training available today.

Each Module contains eight sessions.

Module 1 – Foundational Steps Toward Regaining Control

Learning to manage stress is important for our health, our happiness, our ability to succeed and be productive in life. The entire focus of stress management can be summarized in a single graphic—the Stress Tank©—which also identifies the seven researched-based keys to successfully managing stress. These seven keys have been configured into the Stress Pyramid© which distinguishes between the 4 Foundational Components and 3 Power Components of managing stress. Module 1 explains why stress management is so important for anyone living in modern society, and explores the first 4, foundational components of the Stress Pyramid. ©

Session details of Module 1

Module 2 - The Amigo Factor

Module 2 explores the first of 3 Power Components found in the Stress Pyramid© for managing stress: the Amigo Factor. Surprising research results reveal that having healthy, loving relationships exceeds the value of relaxation, exercise, healthy eating, organization and time management for managing stress and keeping you well. In this module you will be exposed to this research and learn a series of practical relationship principles that you can apply immediately to produce these amazing results.

Session details of Module 2

Module 3 – The Guard Rail Factor

Modules 3 and 4 of the Stress: Beyond Coping eLearning course jump into the deep end of the pool, so to speak, of advanced stress management training. Module 3 explores the remaining 2 Power Components of the Stress Pyramid;© components that have the potential to convert bad stress into good stress, transforming your most difficult stressors into sources of personal growth, enrichment and accomplishment.

Module 3 will explain why these 2 Power Components are collectively called “The Guard Rail Factor.” This module tells the fascinating story of what is happening in your brain during a stress response, how your brain determines whether there should even be a stress response and, if so, how intense it should be. It distinguishes between 3 levels of stress response, and begins to teach you how to respond at the healthiest level: Level 3.

Session details of Module 3

Module 4 – The Good Weather Factor: Managing Stress at Level 3

Many former Stress: Beyond Coping students say that Module 4 is the most life-changing part of the entire eLearning course. In this module you will be introduced, through up-to-date research and through personal experiences related by the presenters, to a list of the ten most powerful Stress-Absorbing Beliefs. This list is the product of over 30 years of the research and life experiences of the presenters, William “Skip” MacCarty, D. Min, and Pamela Coburn-Litvak, PhD.

Developing healthy, reality-based, Stress-Reducing Beliefs is one of the best things you can do to minimize and manage the stress in your life. The beliefs shared in this module are those recognized by many stress researchers and health professionals as the Stress-Reducing Beliefs par excellence. Merely having been exposed to the information presented here will better position you to deal with the major stressors of life.

In Module 4, you will examine each of these 10 beliefs in detail. Each will be stated in the form of a resolution, but will represent a life-altering, Level 3 belief that has the power not only to prevent distress, but to transform it into health-promoting eustress. Any one of these beliefs can be enabling; cumulatively they can deliver a knock-out punch to nearly any stressor and transform you into a Level 3 stress manager.

Session details of Module 4