Stress management is a huge concern is almost every situation of our world today. The Stress: Beyond Coping seminar materials have been packaged for use in communities, schools, churches, businesses, clubs -- any local group. It is a six-session, 2 hours per session, stress seminar that can be utilized without additional training.

It comes with lecture scripts and PowerPoint slides on a disc for $169. It is a highly recommended program. The science components were contributed by Pam Litvak, a PhD in neurobiology and behavior from SUNY at Stoney Brook. Dr. Litvak's thesis was on the effect of stress on the hippocampus of rats. So the seminar is scientifically sound and yet designed for a lay audience, with lots of illustrations to apply the science to daily life.

The seminar has been updated several times since its original publication in 1999, the last update being 2009.

A 144-page workbook is also available for participants of the seminar. We recommend each participant have their own workbook.

Purchase Stress: Beyond Coping materials online from this website. Quantity discounts are available.

  • 10 - 24 items will be discounted 10%

  • 25 - 99 items will be discounted 20%

  • 100 and more items will be discounted 30%

Note: the Instructor CD counts as one item.

In addition to the above seminar materials, an individual eLearning option is available. It is a 10-hour on-line course which Dr. Litvak and Dr. (Pastor) Skip MacCarty teach together. It is divided into 4 thematic modules of 8 twenty-minute segments each, 32 in all. The on-line course can be accessed immediately. The online seminar became available in 2011. Details and a link to order this program are available in the eLearning section of this website.